As a result of providing online translation and apostille approved translation service, your needs are
met quickly. The Protranslate online translation platform always provides you with the fastest and
highest quality translation prices and affordable apostilled translation fees. Your apostille certified
translation is prepared with great care and checked by a translator whose mother tongue is the
target language. Apostille certified translation, marriage certificate, identity, marriage certificate,
certificate of appreciation, birth certificate, laboratory results, family certificate translation, certified
service by the district governor after the notary certification process.
The notarized certification process of the document to be approved with apostille procedures
completed must be done first. Our sworn translator goes to the notary public and receives notary
approval. Later, by going to the district governorship, acknowledgment for the apostille annotation
is received from the district governorship, and it can be sent to you by mail if you wish. The content
of your document is not shared with anyone except for the experts who carry out sworn translation.
Calculating apostille prices is very easy, all you have to do is to send your document to us with our
secure platform by pressing the "Calculate Price" button. You will be notified of the status of your
document instantly, and when the translation is completed, you will be notified by e-mail or by mail, and will be delivered in wet signature and stamped form. Upload your document as a member to
start professional translation and benefit from our additional services such as apostille approval!
Apostille certified translation is a very sensitive subject that can only be done by expert translators
and translators with many years of experience in this field. Therefore, we kindly request you to be
sensitive when choosing your notary sworn translation office in such official transactions.
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