In order to have a Notary Interpretation, your documents must have official validity. If you have such a document and you have been asked for a notarized translation, you must work with a sworn translation agency authorized by a notary. Global Tercüme is a notary public sworn translation office with sufficient expertise and competence, authorized by a notary in all widely used languages.
Your documents are carefully translated by our sworn translators and checked by a second translator. Then, it is prepared in accordance with the notary public approval with the last checks of our editors.
All translations made within our company are considered valid by the notary public and the approved translations are notarized translation. These documents remain valid worldwide and become available for the completion of your transactions in any country you wish.
Notary Approved Translation is a very sensitive subject that can only be done by expert translators and translators with many years of experience in this field.
Tüm sorularınız için bizimle irtibata geçebilir, ücretsiz danışmanlık hizmetimizden yararlanabilirsiniz.

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