Professional Simultaneous Translation

Simultane Tercüme, tüm dünyada, çeşitli organizasyonlarda, ülkeler arası iletişim engelini ortadan kaldıran ve sıkça tercih edilen profesyonel bir tercüme hizmetidir.

Simultaneous Translation is a professional translation service that eliminates the communication barrier between countries in various organizations all over the world and is frequently preferred.

It is frequently used in many organizations such as congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars, TV programs, live broadcasts, sports activities, international diplomatic meetings. Communication between speakers and participants is only possible through simultaneous translation service. The main purpose of these organizations is to transfer the information in the meetings to the participants and speakers completely. Considering this issue, the competence of the simultaneous interpreter to be selected should be given most importance in order to prevent information loss and misinformation. That is why, translators who will provide simultaneous translation services must be professional, experienced, have a good command of translation and have a business ethic. Otherwise, the organization planned and organized by spending days, weeks will have no effect, and all the effort will be left unrequited. Global Tercüme will guide you the most suitable interpreters with its professional simultaneous interpreter team and will save you from all your worries.

With our expert, professional, experienced translator staff, it is our duty to serve our customers without any problems. Our translators, who will present the translation to the audience at the same time, do not allow misunderstandings by being sensitive. As the Translation Office, we are taking firm steps forward to be the best in the field of translation we serve.

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