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The document you want to translate can be requested by a sworn translator or notarized, depending on the authority to which it will be delivered. Your legal documents, legal contracts, academic, technical, engineering or medical texts are delivered to you after they have been translated and checked by an expert sworn translator.

All our translators in All World Languages, from written to oral translation, have sufficient experience and knowledge. Our interpreters work with professionalism in all areas, especially in medical, technical or judicial matters.

Interpreting Services

You can contact us when you need interpreting in the fields of Simultaneous, Consecutive Translation, Wedding Interpretation, Notary Interpretation, Meeting Interpretation, etc.

Written Translation Services

We provide written translation services in all world languages.

Legal Translation Services

Global Translation is the only address for a high-quality and accurate translation service in the field of legal translation.  Your documents are made within the framework of care and attention to legal terminology and linguistics issues. Legislation translation, death certificate translation, the translation of the expert report, the affidavit translation, translation of documents of the company, the organizational, report, certificate, court document translation, contract translation, translation in the Commercial Register newspaper, license agreement, the company and the transfer of any translation or document translation legal papers are being translated like this carefully.

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