Here are the number of people who died in the provincial epidemic

The coronavirus epidemic, which has an effect all over the world, continues to die people because of them in our country. So how many people died from coronavirus in Antalya? Here is the number of people who died from the coronavirus.

The first time seen in our country on 11th of March, the coronavirus has infected 158.762 people so far, causing 4.397 people to die. While 739 patients were fighting for life in intensive care unit, 121.507 patients who were caught virus were recovered and discharged. While it was the most curious question of how many people died in the coronavirus in which city, A Haber answered this question with a graphic its prepared. How many people died in Antalya?
How many people died in Antalya?
Since the first day of the coronavirus outbreak, 14 people from the coronavirus have died so far in Antalya, which has been appreciated by the precautions taken and the sensitive behaviors of the citizens. Antalya which has been on the agenda with quarantine news in recent days and known to have an increase in the number of cases, remains one of the cities with the least death rate among the metropolitan cities.
When the graphic is examined, the highest number of deaths was in Istanbul with 2180, while 264 people in İzmir and 235 people in Kocaeli died from coronavirus. There were no deaths from coronavirus in Iğdır and Ağrı.

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